Mirror Universe Enterprise? Yes, Please

How do I explain my conflicting emotions about Star Trek: Enterprise? I’ve been addicted to Netflix for some time now, and Enterprise is the next series on the list. Some episodes are very good solid Trek, and some are just trying too hard. We really didn’t need to see the Borg, or Ferengi, or other references to things that those of us addicted to the cannon of Trek know didn’t show up until the Next Generation. Other things though are great, like digging into the dark past of the Vulcans, more interesting showings of Orions and Andorians. So far my favorite thing about Enterprise has been the performance of Jeffrey Combs.


I truly believe this man is the best Star Trek villains on TV ever! Each character is exactly the one you love to hate, and still somewhat have a begrudging respect for. Well, maybe not for Brunt, the Ferengi IRS agent, but the others yes. So I was really happy when he showed up on Enterprise.

And then I came across the Mirror Universe episodes. Ok, so they also include some “trying too hard” parts, and who did they hire for that crazy “I got these decals on sale” paint job? But at least it wasn’t the Original Series Enterprise they were trying to steal. I have and always will love Mirror Universe Trek.

So, Enterprise isn’t my favorite Trek series, but it’s much better than I thought it would be. Can’t wait to see how it ends.

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