TV is back!

There were several new shows this season that I was excited about, but the one I’m going to talk most about in this post is one I didn’t even know was starting: Blacklist.

So after hearing the description of the pilot episode, I thought it would be exciting. But the person telling me about the show, could have had no idea why I would love this show so much. That would be these three fantastic actors here:

Panel Discussion With The Cast And Crew Of "Boston Legal"LennixMegan

The first gent is James Spader, who I knew I recognized, but couldn’t place form where. I could have known him from quite a few things, but what I loved him in most was Stargate, the movie. I still think he’s the best Daniel.

The next gent is Harry Lennix who was all kinds of awesome in Dollhouse. I won’t spoil what his role was for those of you who may not have watched Dollhouse yet.

The lady is Megan Boone, who is fantastic in the show as an FBI profiler, forced to work with James Spader’s evil genius character to save the world, mostly by getting rid of bad guys on Spader’s blacklist. Lennix is her boss. She seemed terribly familiar as well, but I can’t only know her from Law and Order LA, I hardly watched it. Hm. Anyway, it’s a stellar show that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

I was very much looking forward to SHIELD, but I must admit the first show didn’t blow my mind. But this is Joss Whedon, and he’s only getting started. I still have a major crush on Coulson. And the two Brit scientists crack me up.

Another fun surprise was the addition of Lisa Edlestein (Cuddy, from House) to Castle. I love watching Castle just to get a Nathan Fillion fix, and because Beckett is an awesome female lead. But this just makes it even cooler.

Sleepy Hollow has lost me already. Though I should have expected that. Horror is not my cup of tea.

I haven’t caught the new Once Upon a Time yet, but I am looking forward to that as well as the spin off series. I think Alice and Wonderland will provide plenty of material for at least one season.

Also haven’t started Warehouse 13 yet . . . or has it started yet? It is coming soon however, and I so need to see how this continues.

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