Star Trek: Attack Wing – bad for my budget

So, my newest game obsession is Star Trek: Attack Wing. Besides being a great nod to a good many things that I and most other Trek fans love about the whole franchise, its a fun strategy game that doesn’t take days to play. Its very customizable, depending on which ship expansions you decide to buy, and how you want to equip them. Each expansion also comes with missions, which are great fun to play, adding an extra layer of strategy beyond just blowing your opponent up.



I finally got a chance to play a full game this past Saturday. I was late to the Organized Play tournament that is going on over the next six months, but the guys were still very kind and stayed longer to play a game with me. (anyone anywhere close to Jenkintown, PA needs to check out 7th Dimension Games, great store!) They also let me get the participation prizes, which includes a playable token for Deep Space Nine.

Because I like the idea of cloaking, but was never a huge Klingon fan, I started with the Romulan expansions. My plan was then to pick up the Defiant and all the Dominion expansions once the new Dominion ship was released. I was going to see what all was included and see if I thought a Dominion or Romulan fleet would do best in the next part of the tournament. Until I saw the next “preview” of the new Romulan ship.


Its the IRW Praetus. It’s cheap, it can maneuver well, and it comes with great equipment. Now I want two. Having two of these with one or two of the larger Romulan ships would be a smashing fleet. And that’s basically the goal of the next month’s tournament, to destroy your opponent while avoiding the obstacles (that can fire at you) that are on the board.

But I also think the Dominion fleet with the new Jem H’dar ship would work fantastically. And I really do want the Defiant, if only to be able to play a scenario where the Defiant defends DS9 against a fleet run by the opponent. While the expansions are not very expensive (around $12 each) getting all the ones I want in time for the next tournament would be. Sigh.

This is going to be bad for my budget.

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