Friday Night Vampires

My friends and I have begun playing Vampire: the Masquerade at my place on Friday nights. It’s a very creepy, very well thought out setting, and there is even a supplement that outlines the game’s version of Philadelphia. I was very much enjoying creating characters and reading into the setting for this game, and I was very excited to foray into my second try and GMing.

Unfortunately, I hate the system. Those full page sheets full of dots make me dizzy. And there is something disturbing to me about interrupting the story to look up what combinations of these dots a player needs to roll that irks me greatly.

SW_LOGO_24bit Diaspora cover

Granted, I have been incredibly spoiled. My first foray into RPGs was the FATE based Diaspora, and then Savage Worlds, both of which are designed to be more story and character centered than other games which focus on numbers and dice rolling. Some of the qualities of V:tM also seem to require this level of complexity. Or so many would have you think.

Add to this, the collection of books we are using as a resource are all from slightly different versions of the game, and it is hard to tell which online resources apply to which versions.

Fate Core Cover

So, scrap it all. I am going to convert it to FATE Core. Our first try is tonight, so we shall see if the players like it better. Or if they don’t care either way. I do know at least it will make me feel like a more accomplished storyteller.

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One Response to Friday Night Vampires

  1. omniurge says:

    You should check out the Red Dice Diaries. Rather, the guy behind it, John Large, who has quite a bit of experience doing fate skins and hacks. Some of his writeups have some good ideas along those lines.

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