SCA Plans and Useful Pictures – Year for Astronomy

So mostly this is an update, and a looking forward to 2016 post.

Here are a few images of the mariner’s astrolabe in process. This is going to be my ‘practice and test’ astrolabe. I will see how happy I am with my engraving vs. how things look when acid etched, or a combination of both. So far this is just hand engraving. (Sorry, they are rather blurry images.)

I’m not happy with my engraving yet, but I am a beginner, so I hope to get better. I doubt though that I will ever be happy with how the circles show up. They are not very deep when done with the compass. So I may acid etch them to get them deeper.

I’m also parking this here, for future reference. Even if it doesn’t happen this year, I would love to have one of these devices set up at Pennsic for the observation of the stars . . . out where I can actually see more of them. (Philadelphia is not the best place for stargazing.)

Tycho Brahe’s Astronomical Instruments


I have a few ideas for projects to present at SCA events. One would be the prediction of fortuitous times to invest in a ship traveling to the new world, using the astrology of the time, and to actually research how that trip would go and what they might bring back.

Another is to keep track of astronomical observations using the instruments I make, and see how accurate they are, and what sorts of things I can calculate or learn from them.

And then, there are just so many cool things I would like to make. Like these adorable little boat-shaped not quite astrolabes known as naviculas.


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