MEPAcon – Shadowrun and Artemis

MEPAcon (Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania Convention) was a much needed relaxing getaway this past weekend. If you live anywhere near Scranton, and would like to have a weekend of laid back gaming, this is the place to go. They do it twice a year, and run a few benefits for charity while they’re at it.

On my part, I play the Shadowrun RPG almost the entire time. Though I did run a game of Star Trek Attack Wing, and got in a game of Artemis. Which was awesome. It’s always awesome. The Shadowrun mission for the weekend was really tough, but our group had a great time planning our heists and blowing things up. I really enjoy the whole flavor and setting of Shadowrun, but I don’t think I could ever run the game myself. It’s rather complex.

For Artemis we had a captain that actually tried to get the enemy to surrender, rather than just blowing them up. It’s a shame I was at the tactical station. It’s hard to get the controls to stop shooting in the split second between the shields going down and the enemy surrendering. And the enemy ships can usually only take a shot or two once their shields are down. I did try to not kill everyone. Really. I promise. What?

I had been hoping I would get a few more players for Attack Wing, but the one player who did show up enjoyed the game quite a bit. That beautiful DS9 model drew a lot of good attention as well. I will have to remember to bring it again next time. I may suck in a few more players.

Also, as a side note, my home gaming group got to try out a new RPG, Beyonder. The setting is amazing. I don’t know much about the mechanics other than the little we got to do during the game, but you can set up a character on their website. The initiative system was different, and great for planning tactically what you character should do.


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