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The Wild Evolution of Klingons

So you have probably seen the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer. If not, got ahead and watch it, and then come back. I’m not going to discuss what I think the show will be like, or how much I want … Continue reading

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Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts I picked this book up mostly because of the pretty pictures. But there really is a wealth of knowledge in here, at least, a wealth of jumping off points to knowledge. It has a handy glossary of astrological terms, … Continue reading

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TV is back!

There were several new shows this season that I was excited about, but the one I’m going to talk most about in this post is one I didn’t even know was starting: Blacklist. So after hearing the description of the … Continue reading

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Mirror Universe Enterprise? Yes, Please

How do I explain my conflicting emotions about Star Trek: Enterprise? I’ve been addicted to Netflix for some time now, and Enterprise is the next series on the list. Some episodes are very good solid Trek, and some are just … Continue reading

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Video Games? Me? Portal and Artemis SBS

I have never been extensively into video games. Not since SNES, anyway. It just seemed to me that things became too complex. By the time I figured out how to use the controller to do what I needed to do … Continue reading

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